Sweet Cute Messages

Here are some sweet cute messages to share with your family and friends.

My heart dances joyfully whenever I see you. You are my secret life rhythm.

Your beautiful smile, your radiating kindness and your gloriously majestic aura fill my soul with unending love.

When I meet you, my heart skips several beats, my voice fades away, my knees tremble and my stomach is hollow. I stumble, I croak and I blush… but now I can send you this message telling you that you are my most precious dream … my feelings for you grow every day.

My sweet lil teddybear, my cuddly lil hugbunny, my adorable soft kitten — I love you.

Oh, my sweetheart, you are the unending light that shines inside me warming up my heart and creating a sweet happiness that I never want to let go.

Sweet and cute

I feel like I’m in the sky, deep inside the misty cloud of love and bliss… a perfect place to cherish you and adore you.

When I found you, I received the eternal, best Christmas gift that I have been longing for since my early years. My love, you are perfect.

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