Listen To My Heart

Listen to my heart and hear its whispers: I’m not going anywhere without you.

listen to my heart

My heart has suffered in the past, but if you listen to it now, you will hear happy, blissful sounds. All because of you.

If you listen to my heart, it will tell you a story of you and I, interlinked through our love.

I gave you my heart and you gave me yours. Now they both beat together to the same rhythm of our love.

Sometimes the things that are felt the most in the heart are expressed between two souls over distance and over time … where no words can be heard.

I listened to my heart and followed its whispers. It lead me to you and now I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

Just listen to my heart, my dear. What do you hear? … Yes, it is the song of my love for you.

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