I’m Sorry

These I’m sorry messages will express your sorrow and remorse more eloquently …

I am really sorry about what what happened. Please accept my heartfelt apology and my promise never to let this happen again.

I was totally wrong and I feel so bad about it. Honey, I’m sorry. Please give me a chance to prove to you how much I love you, how much I regret what happened.

I made a mistake and now my heart aches knowing that I hurt you. I am truly sorry about what happened and I want you to know that it will never ever happen again. Please forgive me.

My dear, please allow me to show to you how much I am sorry about what occurred the other day. It was an awful error and I truly regret it. I am simple human being who begs for your forgiveness.

I don’t even know if you can forgive me, but I do know that I am extremely sorry for what I did. It was absolutely wrong and I apologize for it from the bottom of my heart.

My dear, I’m sorry that I made a mess of things. Please forgive me. Know that I still love you and will keep loving you no matter what happens. Allow me to make things right, to rectify my terrible misstep.

I'm sorry

I am awfully sorry about what happened. My dear, please forgive this blundering fool. I would be truly lost without you and my heart would sing a sorrow melody that could not be corrected but by your forgiveness.

On this day, I drop on my knees and beg your forgiveness. Sweetheart, my mistake must have hurt your feelings and I can sense that in my own heart. I am so sorry, please give me another chance. I solemnly promise that mistakes like this will never happen again.

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