More Romantic Messages

Your exquisite beauty and your wonderfully enticing smile mesmerize me every single time.

You started a dance in my heart that cannot be stopped … it plays to the drum of my heartbeat and keeps on going and going.

It was not into the ears you whispered, but directly into my heart. Your whispers linger within me, not letting me forget.

Kissing you is like the morning dew on a scorched, desolate land – it invigorates me fully and it makes me yearn for more, much more.

I can never get enough of your unique splendor, your dazzling kind spirit, your enchanting and inspiring goodness. My eyes will always follow you, as will my heart.

I want to hold your hand and dance with you to the rhythm of our hearts… let’s celebrate love tonight, just the two of us.

You enchanted me completely … oh my dear, you hold me in your tender, gentle and soft hands and I love every moment of it.

kiss my soul

It was not my lips you kissed, but my very soul.

I just want to hold you, kiss you, love you. That is all.

My dear, how about we run away to a secluded place and live there happily ever after?

I have always wondered what perfect happiness was … now I just look at you and I can never forget.

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