Life Without Love

Life without love is a slow way to freeze to death.

life without love

You took my heart and broke it. All the pieces shattered and my mending is slow and painful.

My life is without love now and it feels like no life at all.

I feel like crying every time I think of you… it ruins my day, all my days.

I have to be strong now, easier said than done, but I need to live and move on. This life without love is so hard, I am blank, I am lost.

Life forced us not to be together, but at least promise me that you remember me at times. I will always remember you and you will always be in my heart.

When I realized we will not be together, the pain and sorrow flooded my heart and I am drowning still.

I thought that you would always be in my life, but you disappeared as if you had never been there. Only the memories linger.

I think the worst feeling in the world is to be forgotten by the one you could never forget.

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