I Am Very Sorry

I don’t even know if you can forgive me, but I do know that I am extremely sorry for what I did. It was absolutely wrong and I apologize for it
from the bottom of my heart.

very sorry

I am very sorry for my bad behavior. I promise to you, my dear, that I will not do things like that ever again.

I wish I could find the proper words to express my heartfelt remorse about what happened. But please accept my apology — it is sincere and it is also a promise to never let this happen again.

I am very sorry, I am so sorry that it physically pains my heart … please forgive me!

What a fool I am for making such a brainless mistake. I am very sorry, my dear.

I goofed in a major way and now I am very very sorry about it. Please know that my feelings for you never changed, I still love you with all my heart.

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